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The best solution to homogenize dry materials

This equipment ensures a better final product, so that Zeppelin Systems Latin America's clients can supply to their customers higher quality products.

The blenders are homogenizing silos, especially used to ensure that at the end of the manufacturing process (for both, resins or compounds), the final product is the best possible.

This improved process generates added value to the final product, bringing many benefits to both vendor and customer.

The blenders are manufactured of aluminum or stainless steel and are an ideal solution for companies that handle plastic resins, especially petrochemical industries.

In order to meet with the various requirements of the market, Zeppelin Systems offers different types of blending technologies for different levels of efficiency, such as
  • Multi-pipe
  • Multi-channel
  • Multi-flow 
  • Center-blend
 Efficiency of homogenization as well as technology and process improvement is the result of a correct installation and sizing of the project according to the client's needs.

 Zeppelin Systems Latin America's motto is to assume commitments with its clients as well as their requirements and exceed their expectations.

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